About Us

In the 80’s there were too many monster movies warping little children’s minds…..Ghostbusters, Gremlins and Ghouls.

We are two such kids who grew up wanting to make monsters and weird things. We worked really hard and got through art college where we met lots of other talented people who we are lucky enough to work with on various projects.

We started working from my Mam’s shed until she kicked us and our hazardous chemicals out into the cold…. It was just the push we needed, we left college, found our own workshop, and kept knocking on doors until the big scary world of film let us in. Working in glamourous muck and freezing cold for many years on sets like Vikings, Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones, we soon grew to love getting up at 5am and falling asleep over takeaways……..we’ve worked in theatre and lots of other really cool things too. Having been lucky enough to have learned from generations of prop makers and sculptors over our ten years in the industry, we now have a wealth of knowledge that you can’t get from book learnin’.

We put our hearts and black souls into everything we do, we believe in being organised and reliable (artists can do that sometimes). We want clients to be happy and safe in the knowledge that our creations will be there when they want them. We also believe in strong design, proper planning and fair pay. As much as we love what we do, we love having food and stuff more.